Tuesday, October 02, 2007

By Popular Demand: The Laundry Recipes.

These are the recipes that I have use for a long time and they can be used in older machine types like the one I have as well as the newer HE machines similar to my Mother's. I am only listing the liquid version below here today because after several batches and individual attempts with the dry detergent, the substance never completely dissolved or rinsed out, this, however, may just be due to my particular machine. Let me know if y'all would like my dry detergent recipe to try, I would be more than happy to pass that one along as well. Enjoy!

Liquid Laundry Detergent

1 bar of Soap, grated
1.5 cups Borax
1.5 cups Washing Soda
3 gallons Hot Water
5 gallon Bucket from Home Depot

1. Dissolve the grated Soap in 3 cups of Water on the stove.

2. Add 3 gallons of Hot Water to the bucket.

3. Add dissolved Soap and dry ingredients.

4. Stir thoroughly.

5. Let cool over night, uncovered.

I use 1/2 cup per load. You may need to add 1/2 cup Distilled White Vinegar to your load if you have hard water. This recipe makes 102 loads at .02 cents a piece, and the price can be reduced by making your own soap.

Fabric Softener

1 cup Baking Soda
6 cups Distilled White Vinegar
8 cups Water

1 gallon Bucket

1. Add Baking Soda.

2. Add 1 cup of Water.

3. Add vinegar slowly as mixture begins to fizz.

4. Add the remainder of Water.

5. Mix well and cover, letting the concoction vent every so often.

You can either use 1 cup in your final rinse or soak a washcloth in the liquid then throw it in the dryer. You can also add 10 - 15 drop of an essential oil of your choice for scent, be sure to shake before every use if you decide to add fragrance.

Since my recipe for dishwasher detergent contains the same ingredients as the laundry recipes I will add it here. This recipe is so simple and leaves dishes clean and sparkling.

Dishwasher Detergent

Equal parts:

Baking Soda and Borax

Use 2 TBS. per load or just add one TBS. of each ingredient every load.

For a rinse agent use Distilled White Vinegar.

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