Thursday, June 26, 2008

Greening Our Home One Step at a Time

Over the last few months Phillip and I have been in the process of greening our now home. This transformation began with a container garden at my apartment, consisting of a couple of bell pepper plants and an assortment of essential kitchen herbs. It has now been expanded to include cilantro, corn, and spinach using 5 gallon buckets as planters. Upon the purchase of land we will no longer have to utilize such containers and will have the space and be able to diversify the crops and multiply production exponentially.

Our second step was Phillip requesting the use of wind power through his electric provider when he moved into our current home. This is just a temporary adjustment until we have the land to install our own power producing wind turbines and solar panels if more power is required. There are even smaller versions available for instillation in residential areas. At this time, supply via our electric company was the only acceptable choice for our landless situation.

Our third and most recently step was the installment of our, 7 day a week, 3 time period a day, programmable thermostat. Phillip's research and calculations found that by utilizing the 3 time periods and setting the temperatures accordingly, our average savings is 20% a month. Our specific model only cost $30, which we thought was more than reasonable for both the environmental and economic benefits. More information on picking the right thermostat, suggested temperatures and more general information can be found at the Energy Star website.
I encourage everyone to do their due diligence and find the thermostat that fits their family the best, $30 is a small price to pay as we attempt to be good stewards of the Planet that God gave us.

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