Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting Down to What Women Should Really Be Doing!

One thing that continues to frustrate me is the misconception most people have regarding the Christian roles of women(AKA, what we should be doing in our lives). Even at the Christian school I attend, there is a disregard and overall ignorance when it comes to what we as women should be doing and have as priorities. Finally, the purpose of this post is not to say what women are allowed to do in the church, just to show what our main focus in life should be.

After a conversation with a friend, I must bring up two examples that we are called to follow: our Holy and Blessed Mother Mary and St. Mary Magdalene. Obviously the BVM is the first woman we should try and emulate because she is the perfect example of full submission to God's will. Think about it, what would have happened if she had said, "Sorry Lord, I'm busy the next 30 years?" Now for St. Mary Magdalene, we are to look to her as an example of humility and penitence. If we recall, she came to Jesus, while a prostitute, and washed his feet with expensive perfume her hair and tears. Christ directed for her to be viewed as an example and she was forgiven of her sins then and there. She was also one of the first people to find the tomb empty and see Jesus following the resurrection.

Other examples of our responsibilities include, providing hospitality, caring for those less fortunate than ourselves, instructing the young, and the birthing, feeding and self-raising of children(Proverbs 31). Disregarding all the misogynistic jokes, making fun of our roles, that I often hear at social gatherings; it is a woman's purpose to be the helper and serve her husband. And yes, that does mean that we were made for the pleasure of men(within marital standing of course).

In closing, we should be proud of these facts. Woman is the pinnacle of creation made from flesh and bone, unlike the dirt of man. Also it took only Eve to tempt Adam into sinning, but Lucifer himself to deceive Eve. There is a greater purpose in the "menial" every day tasks, than what we see. We are to be helpmates and we should be the ones taking care of the children and our homes, including the utmost care and honoring of our husband. We make it possible for the husband to be the spiritual leader and head of the home. If we neglect this important calling we are impeding God's plan for men, in turn, causing strife in the home and between spouses. Snaps to those already doing these things in their daily lives! And, let us remind ourselves of our divine purpose the next time we feel unappreciated or unutilized performing the roles God has set forth for us in His infinite wisdom.

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